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Listen to my mentor Sebastian Gomez as he introduces the system to you.
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Within the next 4 days of the training we will be using Clickfunnels™ to help you create passive income online and build your business from scratch. So get your free trial below so you can be prepared for the training!
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You were assigned a 1-1 coach for the next 4 days just for getting this training! If you have any questions through the process, feel free to reach out. Start by sending a message below saying "I'm ready!"
P.S. There will be a small survey when you reach to me through Facebook. I will answer my messages personally after I see your answers. 
When You Signup For A Free Trial Of Clickfunnels™ You Will Get Access To All These Bonuses For Free:
1.) Affiliate Accelerator Training
($997 Value)
Most people that ever try to promote any products online, struggle to even make a couple of sales. 

On the other hand, successful marketers and affiliates that makes thousands of dollars per month in recurring income know how create irresistible offers that people simply can't say "no" to.

With the Affiliate Accelerator Training you will learn the step-by-step process (actual screen sharing) to start selling Clickfunnels™, or ANY affiliate product or offer to start building passive income online.

This same information could potentially make you a 6 figure affiliate marketer if you put in the work and treat this as a real business.
2.) Done For You High Converting Sales Funnel
($12,997 Value)
Sales funnels are a series of simple pages (just like the ones you're going through) that allow you to automate and grow your business online. Sales funnels are basically money machines if you do them the right way. On one side you get visitors entering the funnel, and in the other side you make sales.

This is exactly why I charge at least $12,997 to make a high converting sales funnel. Because it can potentially make you 2X or even 3X the amount of money. Plus, you get to keep the funnel and use it for future businesses. I've made funnels for clients that take them from $10,000/month to $30,000/month. Without spending more on ads.

There is a lot of work involving the creation of a sales funnel. Copywriting, the psychology behind it, the structure, design and the workflow.

When you join Clickfunnels™, you will get to use my exact sales funnels that makes me $10,000+ per month and that I use to sell Clickfunnels™.

All you have to do is click one button to download my funnel into your Clickfunnels™ account, and instantly start using it. This way I'm doing 90% of the work for you.

This will help you start making money while learning to master the skills yourself. After you go through the video trainings you will learn to create these funnels yourself for the future.
3.) Done-For-You Email Swipes
($1997 value)
Building a successful sales funnel involves different components. It's kind of like building a puzzle.

Part of building a sales funnel is the email sequence that you use to take people to take action and the random emails that you send to your email list.

Writing emails is not as easy as you think. It involves copywriting skills and knowing how to persuade people to take a specific action.

At this point you might be wondering what kind of emails to write, and how to structure them properly.

When you join Clickfunnels™ in this page, you will get my own email swipes that I use for my business so you can model them and start making commissions and sales.
4.) Facebook Lead Generation Program
($997 value)
In the past years I've generated over 100,000 leads combining all my businesses which have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit.

I've spent over $1,200,000 on Facebook advertisement (of my own money), to figure out everything that I added to the Facebook Lead Generation program.

Leads are the energy-source of every business. If you have no leads (people that go through your funnel and give you their email address), you won't make any sales regardless if you are selling your own product or an amazing product like Clickfunnels™.

When you join Clickfunnels™ in this page you will also get access to my Facebook Lead Generation Program which will teach you my exact advertising techniques to send people to your funnel.
5.) Done For You Facebook Ad
($1297 value)
Lets recap...

So I'm going to give you my exact high converting funnel, my email swipes to use for your own funnel, training on how to get traffic to your funnel and the full Affiliate Accelerator training to show you how to become a super affiliate with Clickfunnels™ step-by-step.

But remember when I said I was going to do 90% of the work for you?

Well, I'm even giving you a Facebook ad template that you can model and start using to generate traffic. I will give you the ad copy (text to use for the ad), and the structure of the video ad I think you should use (I'm a big fan of video ads).

So regardless if you're new, or more advanced, these bonuses will help you get amazing results and start earning while learning.
6.) Leverage My Bonuses To Get Sales
($2997 value)
So by this point I'm giving you the ad, the sales funnel, the email swipes, the training to learn to run successful Facebook ads, the training to become a super affiliate with Clickfunnels™, but the key ingredient that you're missing to have massive success is...

A bonus stack to offer people in exchange for them to sign up using your affiliate link.

The difference between a regular affiliate, and a super affiliate, is that super affiliates offer bonuses so people immediately sign up using his link. 

Now, I understand that when you're starting out you don't have bonuses created (like these ones that I'm offering you). It takes a lot of time and skills to create them.

So what I'm doing is that for people that sign up to my Affiliate Mastermind I will allow you to use my bonuses (these EXACT ones) to help you get more people to sign up using your link.

You will be able to send people to my Affiliate Mastermind so that they get all the bonuses and value. 

This will save you a ton of time, energy, money and resources.

So basically you're telling people you will give them a ton of bonuses for free (which are these exact ones) when they sign up to Clickfunnels™ using your affiliate link. This way you get sales easily. When it's time for you to give them the bonuses you will just send an email to my team, and my team will give your new customer access to all these bonuses. This is something I've never done before.
7.) Private Facebook Group
($997 value)
This is a group of action takers, people to support each other, case studies, questions getting answered and tech support. 

I make LIVE trainings and Q&A sessions every single week to make sure you are on track and following the steps. 

This is a full coaching group that I would normally charge at least $1,000 for the registration. 

In the group I will help you stay accountable and make sure that you're in the right track to start getting sales and scale up your recurring commissions.

By getting Clickfunnels™ on this page you will join My Affiliate Masterming which includes all these bonuses AND immediate access to my private Facebook coaching group.
8.) Leads And Sales Accelerator Manual
($197 value)
I will give you our newest book called "The Leads And Sales Accelerator manual", which will show you the exact same process that we follow to generate leads and sales for any of my online businesses.

You will learn in detail how the whole process works so you can improve your skills and make more money.

This is a great complementary resources that you can go through to learn my exact duplicatable process to grow your online business (apart from all the video training you get)
9.) 10K IG Followers Program
($997 value)
10 months ago I used to have less than 1000 followers in my Instagram profile... 

I used to use Instagram to have fun, see what my high school friends where doing and just use it for entertainment.

But later I decided to apply my Facebook knowledge and find an advertising strategy that allowed me to generate over $200,000 in sales by posting simple posts and stories.

When I finally cracked the code, I recorded everything and put it inside a well organized program. When you join 10K IG Followers you will get access to this full Instagram training curriculum.

You may already have a business, or maybe you're starting with no prior marketing knowledge. In both of those cases... this is for you.

This course will not be available for very long. Once we launch it to the public it will no longer be included when joining "Sebastian's Affiliate Mastermind". 

Right now our focus is getting early success stories so we have case studies to showcase once we go live.

10.) Successful Funnels Case Studies
($697 value)
You will also be getting case studies of my most successful funnels. I have funnels where I have invested around $5000 and made back around $30,000.

What I did is record a screen-sharing video where you will see the numbers of the funnels, how they work and why they were so successful.

This is something that most marketers will never do because they are afraid of running into competition with other people. In my case, I'm not worried about competition because I always find out ways to make it work ;)
11.) "Wrapping Things Together" Session
($397 value)
So to this point, when you join Sebastian's Affiliate Mastermind, you are getting my high converting funnel, my emails, my ad template, you will be able to leverage my bonuses to sell Clickfunnels™, my Facebook ads training, my Instagram training, my newest leads and sales book, access to the Facebook coaching group, case studies and much more...

There is no one offering so much for free when you join a program (I checked).

But now, I want to offer you one last bonus which is a full session that is going to show you how to take all these bonuses and trainings and actually map the strategy out in a documents so you can put the pieces together and start taking action.

I decided to create this session because I'm giving you so many bonuses for free, that I was afraid you would get overwhelmed (lol).

So with these bonuses you will know exactly how to wrap things together to start producing your passive income. 
Total Combined Value: 
**Send an email to with the email used to sign up to Clickfunnels™ to get instant access to all my courses, bonuses and done-for-you material. We will reply within 24 hours to give you access to everything.
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